Digital Melodia: Musical Shifts


It’s the one of the things in our lives that can either bind us together in harmony (puns already!) or cause discord (I swear I’ll stop) and tear us apart. People can become very passionate about their musical tastes, and in this passion we find a number of different kinds of musical aficionados:

The Casual:

Listening music is an enjoyable past-time when the opportunity presents itself. While no particular genre is chosen, they tend towards easy listening and (if feeling bold) some cool rock. Nothing too rambunctious or peppy… just smooth.

The Nostalgic:

While aware there are new styles of music out in the wild, this individual would rather listen to the same familiar music they’ve enjoyed for the past 20 years. Occasionally they might dabble in something new, but typically their playlist is what most people now would refer to as “classic” or “oldies”.

The Underground:

Listening to music that most people may have never heard before, these individuals choose artists and bands that play in small clubs, hidden venues, and concerts that normally don’t show up on Ticketmaster. They enjoy the live performances and the intimate atmosphere they create. They don’t do it to be “hipster”, they do it because the music makes them feel things that commercially produced music that gets pumped out en masse could never do.

The Classicist:

You guessed it: Classical music is the bread and butter of this individual and the charming dulcet tones of violins with a piano’s tickled ivories (get your mind out of the gutter!) are what drives their musical mojo. Eschewing all other types of music in favour of this well-aged auditory art form, they are more than happy to stick with strings and brass for the rest of their lives.

The Eclectic:

Anything and everything is fair game. No musical style is off the table and they believe that every genre has something new and exciting to offer from country to grunge-polka-metal-ballet (if thats not a thing, give it a couple of years… I’m sure it will be). They may not know the names of every band, artist, or full discography out there, but they enjoy almost any music they come across. They may have their favourites, but they’ll never say no to trying out something new.

And in closing…

I find that regardless of the type of music you listen to, we can all find common ground somewhere. After all, isn’t music about enjoyment and expression?

Lets all get tuned in.

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