Its The Little Things: Small Joys

Do you remember the feeling you got as a kid when Mom or Dad came home from work or the grocery store with a toy or a treat for you? How about when you found a few extra fries at the bottom of the fast food bag? Its the little things; the small joys that brighten our day and give us that temporary lift that can do anything from simply make us smile to change the course of how our entire day’s outlook will be.

As kids, we have them fairly often (whether we realize it or not) but as adults, we have them as well. They just simply change into something else.

Now, as an adult, the small joys and bright moments that I’ve experienced personally have come in these ways (amongst others):

  • Getting a device that organizes and keeps my spices in order.
  • The first thing you cook in your new frying pan after the old one had more scratches than a record from a club DJ’s music set.
  • In the same theme, using your new oven pans and not having everything stick to them.
  • Lets be honest, finding fries at the bottom of the bag is great no matter how old you are.
  • Opening up a bag of ANYTHING and not having it do that weird rip half-way down the bag after one small tug.

I believe that we should do our best to try and appreciate these moments as they come and remind ourselves that even when we’re having bad days and when things look grim, that these moments will come again.

What kind of small joys or bright moments have you had?


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