Raising The Bar: Health Food Quality

I think at some point we’ve all had a “Protein Bar”.

One of those things we see in the supermarket, gas station, health food store, or at conferences we may have attended. From each place, out of each kind, they all seem to have one thing in common: They all taste horrible.

I’ve yet to run across a “healthy” protein bar that isn’t packed with sugar, is either hard as a brick, crumbles like sand, chewier than a block of paraffin wax, or tastes like every bad decision I’ve ever made in my life rolled up into a soul-melting glob.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“But I’ve had some that weren’t bad!”

Until you look at the contents of the bar… then you being to question everything you know.

I realize that all of these bars and such have been approved by whichever agency covers these things, but couldn’t we just make a few changes for the good of everyone:

  1. Keep the ingredients pure. No extra sugars, additives, and the like. Just raw ingredients.
  2. Make the texture something that doesn’t resemble corkboard or styrofoam.
  3. MAKE IT TASTE GOOD. Seriously, do away with the “chocolate peanut butter” flavour because you’re not fooling anyone. ANYONE.

I honestly didn’t have much of a point here, except that I bought one today when I needed a snack and for the $4.49 it cost me, I regret every single body-shuddering bite.

Definitely time to “raise the bar” on quality.

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