That’s So Nice!: Random Acts of Kindness

Every day on the news we see people going out of their way to make these grand gestures to brighten someone’s day or to show a person/business/organization/etc that they care. I think its wonderful that people can create these intricate and elaborate ways to be nice to others. I think the world could use more niceness.

Do you know what else it could use?

More random acts of kindness.

“What do you think these people are doing, the ones that make these grand gestures? Aren’t they random to the person its directed towards?”

Sure, of course it is. What I mean is, the random acts of kindness that take no planning. The kind that just spring up in the spur of the moment… that catch both you AND the other person by surprise. Something that is done without any thought of attention-seeking, credit, or profuse thank-yous.

Random acts of kindness can be anything; opening a door for someone, letting them go ahead of you in a busy line when they have fewer items (or more if you have nowhere else to get to), or even putting a few extra coins in the parking meter next to yours when you see its about to run out. Sometimes RAoK can be something that nobody else sees you do, but they experience after the fact.

Shoveling someone’s walk-way early in the morning after you finish yours, so they don’t have to go outside when its freezing cold. Paying for the person’s coffee behind you in the drive-through, just because it might make their day. We should all strive to do more, without the needing to take credit for something.

I believe that in our technology-reliant society, people have come to equate kindness and being nice with over-the-top encounters that are recorded and posted across countless social media platforms for likes and shares… when in reality, the most meaningful and true RAoK are ones that don’t have an alterior motive (ie: going viral online), but instead are done simply because, well…

Its kind.

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