It’s Been Awhile…

I’m still alive!

No, really.

To say that I’ve neglected to post anything for a while would be an understatement. My apologies. As I’m sure we’ve all experienced, Life has a way of introducing itself like a teenager with a newly minted drivers license and WAY to much confidence: It goes way too fast, danger seems to be everywhere, you’re terrified in the passenger seat, and when the car comes to a stop you barely have enough time to catch your breath before the light turns green again.

A bit much? Maybe, maybe not.

I have people who haven’t seen me in a while asking me what I’ve been up to lately, how I’ve been, and have I “been staying out of trouble”, like I’m a convicted felon out on bail and every move I make could potentially land me in the clink faster than Wile E. Coyote’s plans fall apart to catch the Roadrunner.

Here’s the short answer:

  1. I’ve been working both at my place of employment and working on myself. Sometimes working on yourself is a much harder task as you think you know yourself pretty well already and people in general don’t like change or having to admit there is work to be done in the first place. What have YOU been up to lately?
  2. I’ve been doing between “Pretty OK” and “Could Be Better”. Never too much on one side of that spectrum, but managing. How are YOU doing?
  3. I always laugh inside my head when someone asks if I’ve been “staying out of trouble”. Well, I haven’t been arrested for any crimes, I haven’t broken any laws, and I haven’t terrorized anyone or made anyone’s life harder… so I would say I’ve been “staying out of trouble” pretty damn well. Have YOU been staying on the straight and narrow?

I’ll make a more concerted effort to post on a more consistent basis. I started this blog in order to, well, have more order to my life and to have an outlet where I can share parts of my life, interests, and whatever else pops into my head. I hope you don’t mind. Apologies for being a bit self-reflective this first entry back… but I just want you all to know where I stand.

On two feet.

Ba-dum, pshhh!

(Nobody ever said the dumb humour was going anywhere!)

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