Instagram Ads…Out Of Control?


For the few of you who aren’t aware of what Instagram is, it’s a social media platform owned by Facebook that allows you to simply share short videos or pictures with captions or quick posts without all of the extra bits and bobs you find on a Facebook page. It has garnered quite a popular following and appears to become far more popular than its mother platform amongst Gen Z and Millennials.

It’s also rife with ads. Like, LOTS of them.

When you see one of these many intrusive ads, you have the option to choose one of three things to remove the ad (temporarily): “It’s Not Relevant”, “I See It Too Often”, and “I Find It Offensive”. For awhile I would choose the seeing it too often route, and it seemed to work… at first. They then just started coming back with a different vendor or spin on the exact same product they were hawking, and it was high time I started to fight back in the only way I could think of:

It was time to mess with them.

From that point, on every single ad that would show up, I would choose the “It’s Not Relevent” route. At first, nothing much seemed to change… until about 2 weeks later when it started to seem like Instagram’s ad algorithm simply couldn’t figure out what I might be interested in. Gone were the constant ads about backpacks, geek t-shirts, and nerdy gadgets… now they were starting to get weird.

Suddenly I started seeing things come up such as dog collars, boots, airline tickets, knitting patterns, and jewelery made of everything from steel, wood, plastics, and all of the above. Its like Instagram was panicking and just throwing anything ANYTHING at me to see if something stuck, much like a half-cooked pasta noodle the chef was hoping would stick to the wall to signal that its done.

No such luck Instagram! I will constantly make you guess my interests… and I’ll never tell! It may seem like I’m “sticking it to the man”, that I’m toying with them to consistently keep them on their toes.


You would be right.

And I’m not stopping any time soon. 🙂

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