Why Are We Doing These Things?: Internet “Challenges”

*exhales loudly*


This is going to be part informative, part rant. Probably more ranty than informativy, but here goes:

WHY on God’s green Earth are people still participating in these internet “challenges”??

Lets break it down. There have been multiple “challenges” (or as any normal and well-adjusted individual would refer to them as) or “stupid moronic ways to hurt yourself and/or others” over the past few years, and from what I can tell every single one isn’t about challenging oneself, but instead a desperate cry for validation from either your peers and (in most cases) complete strangers… all for a few seconds of being in the spotlight.

Here are a few of the more idiotic ones:

Tide Pod Challenge

This one was pretty basic. You film yourself attempting to eat a FREAKING TIDE POD WHILE TRYING NOT TO DIE. Tide themselves actually had to come right out and TELL people that their product was not for human consumption. Retail stores were having to lock containers of these things behind caged doors so teenagers couldn’t just waltz in and purchase a one-way ticket to a personalized stomach pumping at the nearest hospital.

Rotating Corn Challenge

It goes like this: You jam a cob of corn onto the end of a high-powered drill, fire it up, and try to eat the corn while its SPINNING AT 700RPM! In most cases, this would be more than enough to not only shatter your teeth, but either dislocate or flat out break your jaw… because eating corn all boring and regular like with your hands is too uncool now?

Salt and Ice Challenge

This one is a two-step recipe for proving you are clueless and shouldn’t be trusted with anything. Ever. So, basically you pour salt on your arm, in your hand, somewhere on your body… and then you place an ice cube on top of the salt. Adding salt to ice lowers the temperature and makes it colder than the regular freezing temperature for water, 32 degrees F. Heat gets absorbed from the surrounding skin cells, causing a second or third-degree burn exactly like frostbite. Thats right… FROSTBITE. This pointless and dangerous stunt can, in some cases, permenantly destroy skin cells… all for likes and shares.

Condom Challenge

Step 1, take condom out of package. Step 2, snort it up your nose and try to pull it out of your mouth. Step 3, end up in hospital with condom stuck in your nasal cavity, thereby compromising a key function of your respitory system should it make its way into your esophogus because you instinctively try to swallow, leading to you choking and probably dying if you don’t get medical assistance right away.


Are we seeing a pattern here? Almost every single one of these “challenges” are designed in some way to be dangerous, irresponsible, reckless, and harmful. We can ask ourselves why people do these things and what drives them to seek that kind of attention in the first place… but no answer is going to be enough. People are, sadly, going to still do these stunts in the hopes that they get famous off of it or simply just to be noticed in a world that is obsessed with social media status, likes, shares, and the validation of strangers.

God help us all.

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